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Q: I am new to cycling and not so fit, can I still join?

A: YES!!! Everybody is welcome and we have riders at all fitness levels. In the TacxTours races there will almost certainly be someone at your level to compete with
Q: What do I need to join?

A: You need a Tacx trainer with multiplayer capabilities (other ant+ open trainer might be able to join as well), a multiplayer license (see other question) and a google pro license. When you click the "multiplayer" button in the TTS4 software you will be guided through a process to obtain the licenses if you dont have them already
Q: How do I join TacxTours?

A: When you participate in an official TacxTours race your rider page and registration is happening automatically. If you want your picture on the resultlists, you need to send it in a mail to
Q: How do I get a free multiplayer license?

A: For the 2015-2016 season, all TacxTours riders can receive a free multiplayer license from Tacx. You need to write and state in subject: "Free license TacxTours" . Info: "I will participate in the TacxTour registration. I hereby like to have a free license for Multiplayer. Here is my riders name…xxx. (fill in your TacxTours riders name)If you are not alread registered with TacxTours you will need to ride an official TacxTours race within 14 days to keep the license active.
Q: When are the TacxTours races held?

A: The TacxTours indoor season starts at 1st of November 2015 and ends 31st of March.
Q: Are there any races outside the season?

A: Yes, there are pre-season races for TacxTours registration. There are also other organisers (if you dont want to organise races yourself). Although you dont get street respect points out side the season, there are intervall trainings and pursuit races that you can enter. Check the tacx calender for action.
Q: When will the riders guide be available?

A: Soon. We are preparing the season right now and will update with information in this FAQ and on our facebook page as 1st of November approaches
Q: My question is not anwsered here. What do I do now?

A: You write your question to Usually you will get a reply with 24 hours.